Single Order (Lean)

Single Order (Lean)

from 55.00

10x OuiPrep Meal Prep meals from our constantly rotating weekly menu; especially formulated to help aid weight loss, for a leaner physique.

Need a boost in your lifestyle? Discover why we’re the meal prep company sports-stars, athletes and busy professionals alike chose to use…

This week’s menu consists of:

- Tomato Roasted Siracha Chicken, Spicy Rice and Peppers
- Cream Chicken and Green Bean Pesto with Wholemeal Penne Pasta
- Spicy Lean Minced Beef, Sweet Potato Wedges, Onions, Red Peppers and Spinach
- Peri Peri Fish & Chips, Spicy Peas and Green Beans
- Chicken Tikka Masala, Wholemeal Rice, Peas and Coriander
- Sticky Chicken & Blood Orange Stir Fry with Seasoned Noodles, Beansprouts, Spinach and Kale
- 2x Salt & Chilli Beef, Roasted Potatoes and Greens Beans with a side of Sour Cream
- Red Lentil, Pepper and Spinach Balti with Wholemeal Rice
- Greek Salmon with Feta and Sweet Potato Mash on a bed of Spinach

Order by 10pm Thursday for the following Sunday/ Tuesday delivery!

Free delivery to all Glasgow addresses, £2.50 surcharge for Ayrshire addresses and £5.00 surcharge for Edinburgh addresses. No delivery available to outside these areas (at the moment!). See details in Shipping.

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